Technical Training

Our Expert Technical Support are always there to provide you with dependable solutions derived from their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in monitoring and diagnosing several thousand connected rotating machines worldwide.

Remote Diagnostic Service

Remote Diagnostic Service helps you optimize your assets’ production, by turning data into value. In a proactive approach, our experts in the Remote Diagnostic Centers (RDCs) monitor connected equipment actively to identify potential problems before they impact your operation.

The active monitoring allows us to identify critical changes in the equipment’s health status at an early stage and provide faster solutions, enhancing your machines’ availability and reliability.

Operational Service Desks

Whenever you have an issue with your rotating equipment, our Operstional Sevice Desk professionals provide you with 24/7 technical support. In this reactive approach, our experts can resolve issues even faster by analyzing historical data from connected equipment. Via online technical support, they can provide you with over-the-shoulder support and guide you remotely. If more support is needed, a network of specialists is available to offer emergency spare parts or rapid deployment of field service personnel.

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