Tank Maintenance
Tank Maintenance
Tank Maintenance

Tank Maintenance

ASM possesses comprehensive in-house resources to handle the maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of tanks with various specifications, including fuel storage tanks. We specialize in customizing procedures for each tank, ensuring the deployment of the safest and most efficient processes for cleaning, repair, and timely return to service with minimal downtime.

Our capabilities at ASM cover a wide range of tanks, including floating and fixed roof tanks, as well as double deck roof tanks. The services we provide encompass:

  • Internal cleaning and vacuuming of tanks
  • Repair or replacement of tank shells
  • Repair or replacement of tank bottoms
  • Repair and replacement of cone roofs
  • Repair and replacement of internal floating roofs
  • Grit blasting and coating operations
With these capabilities, ASM offers comprehensive solutions for maintaining and restoring tanks to optimal condition.

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