Inspection and Testing
Inspection and Testing
Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing

ASM offers an extensive range of inspection services, including both conventional and advanced techniques, non-destructive testing (NDT), and heat treatment services. We employ the latest techniques and utilize advanced inspection equipment to ensure accurate and reliable results. Our highly skilled professionals are trained in these cutting-edge methods to provide comprehensive inspection solutions for a variety of applications.

At ASM, we provide a range of non-destructive testing (NDT) services specifically designed for field applications in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical plants. Our NDT services include:

a) Visual Inspection: Conducting thorough visual examinations to assess the condition of components and detect any visible defects or abnormalities.

b) Radiography: Utilizing both Gamma Ray and SafeRad techniques to perform radiographic inspections, enabling the detection of internal flaws and ensuring the structural integrity of materials.

c) Ultrasonic Test: Employing Shear Wave and Thickness Measurement techniques to assess material thickness, detect internal defects, and evaluate the integrity of welds.

d) Magnetic Particle Test: Employing magnetic particle inspection to identify surface and near-surface defects or cracks in ferromagnetic materials.

e) Liquid Penetrant Test: Utilizing liquid penetrant inspection to detect surface-breaking defects, such as cracks or leaks, in non-porous materials.

f) Boroscopic Inspection: Conducting inspections using a boroscope to visually examine the internal components of equipment or structures.

g) Hardness Testing: Evaluating the hardness of materials using specialized techniques to determine their mechanical properties and resistance to deformation.

h) Ferrite Test: Assessing the ferrite content in stainless steel welds to ensure compliance with industry standards and prevent issues such as corrosion or brittleness.

i) Positive Material Identification (PMI) Test: Conducting chemical analysis to verify the composition of materials, ensuring they meet required specifications and standards.

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