Industrial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning

What benefits can be obtained by optimizing the cleaning processes in the oil and gas industry


Reduction of the technological cycle, repair downtime and interoperability intervals. Simplification of the technological process, reduction of the influence of external conditions (temperature, ventilation, etc.) and the human factor.


Improved cleaning quality with significant performance improvements.


Reducing the cost of the purchase of chemicals up to 80%. Reduction of additional overhead costs for water, steam, electricity, discharge, utilization, adjustment of solutions and other auxiliary work operations up to 50-60%. Reducing the range of chemicals procurement and simplifying the management of warehouse residues

Industrial Cleaning

Large-scale industries serve as not only production hubs but also as workplaces where employees spend considerable time under diverse working conditions. It is imperative for employers to ensure clean, healthy, and suitable working environments for their workers. These industries often witness the accumulation of raw materials, as well as coal and fuels, which can lead to adverse health effects ranging from severe allergic reactions to lung diseases and even cancer. Therefore, maintaining a clean and hygienic working environment in large-scale industries is crucial to provide safety, security, and enhance precision for the individuals working in these settings.

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