Chemical Cleaning
Chemical Cleaning
Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

ASM specializes in providing a wide range of specialized cleaning services. Our expertise includes:

a) Chemical Cleaning: We employ various methods such as Fill and Soak, Fill and Circulate, Slug Flow, and Cascading Cleaning Methods to effectively clean equipment and systems using chemical solutions.

b) Steam Blowing, Air Blowing, High-Velocity Water Flushing, Lube Oil Flushing, and Nitrogen Purging: We offer these cleaning methods to remove debris, contaminants, or scale from pipelines, equipment, and systems.

c) Cooling Water System Cleaning and Passivation: Our services include side stream filtration to clean and passivate cooling water systems, ensuring optimal performance.

d) Storage Tanks and Process Vessel Cleaning: Utilizing advanced 3D and Gama jet nozzle technology, we efficiently clean storage tanks and process vessels.

e) Online Chemical Cleaning of Heat Exchangers and Furnaces: We provide chemical cleaning services while equipment remains in operation, ensuring minimal downtime.

f) Pipeline Pigging/Scrapping and Pressure Testing: Our team performs pipeline pigging, scrapping, and pressure testing to maintain pipeline integrity and efficiency.

g) Decontamination: We offer decontamination services to eliminate hazardous substances and ensure safe working conditions.

h) Fin Fan Cleaning: Our specialized techniques, including both dry and wet methods, are employed for thorough cleaning of fin fans, including A-frame mode.

i) Hydro Milling: We utilize hydro milling techniques to remove deposits, scale, or blockages from equipment and piping systems.

j) Environmental Services: ASM prioritizes environmental responsibility, offering services such as chemical waste treatment, transportation, and safe disposal at government-approved waste facilities.

Our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in handling various chemical cleaning challenges. Our solutions not only enhance operational effectiveness but also help reduce operating costs. We follow a comprehensive approach that includes safety management, mechanical work, engineering, on-site analysis, joint integrity management, leak testing, on-site chemical waste treatment, and safe disposal in compliance with government regulations.

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